Robert Jon and The Wreck's Album Release Party Offers a Slice of the Good Life

Though Robert Jon and the Wreck might have already celebrated the release of their new album Good Life Pie throughout Europe, it ain't official until they bring the party home to OC. On the heels of another successful tour across the Atlantic, the band who perfected their Southern Rock by way of Southern California are playing a show at the Wayfarer on Saturday in honor of the album’s physical release. Aside from the eye-opening under boob on the cover, it’s clear that the band are looking to turn heads with a bigger, bolder record that covers more facets of their classic sound.

“We had more time in the studio than we usually do to figure out some of the tones which gave us a lot more liberty to find a dirty tone or a clean one,” says frontman/guitarist Robert Jon Burrison. “I think the whole record has a lot of diversity on it as opposed to using one amp for the whole thing.”

Recorded at Hybrid Studios in Santa Ana, the local five piece (including new bassist David Pelusi) went into the studio for five days to crank out their sophomore effort. The songs range from tried and true barroom rock to dirty swamp blues and heartfelt, country-tinged ballads. The title track (written by lead guitarist Kris Butcher) embedded in the 11-song offering feels handcrafted for summer, from the burbling rock organ and bright bar chords to the sun soaked lyrics about women, whiskey, wine, weed and of course…pie.

”The song about making the most out of every day and a slice of the good life is what everyone should strive for to enjoy the good parts of things, that could be anything to anybody.” Burrison says. The show at the Wayfarer starts at 8p.m. and includes opening sets from Groove Session and Jaime Wyatt. For full details, click here.

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