Robert H. Schuller Continues Speaking Engagements as his Crystal Cathedral Burns

Much has been made of the problems of OC's original megachurch, the Crystal Cathedral, in the past year, and the Orange County Register's Deepa Bharath has done a great job documenting the splits between the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, his children and former congregants. While other local megachurches expand, the Crystal Cathedral is atrophying.

Meanwhile, Schuller continues to travel around the country as if nothing is happening to what he spent his entire life creating. After all, who cares about a legacy when there's money to be made off the backs of desperate rubes?

This week, Schuller is in Tennessee as part of the Get Motivated! business seminar series, the traveling road show that collects many celebrities to speak before audiences of tens of thousands and tell them that you, too, can SUCCEED! This is Schuller's ultimate setting—not too Christian, and focusing more on his much-beloved possibility think mantra. But unless Schuller is so desperate for cash that he must now live on the road and earn enough moolah to save the Crystal Cathedral, shouldn't he right his house of glass first?

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