Robert Avery McClain, Deputy-Turned-Sadistic Torturer, Leads the Prison McChain Gang

Former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy Robert Avery McClain–not to be confused with Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Jennifer Tamara McClain, who is accused of sexing up a white supremacist inmate at Orange County Jail, nor Jennifer McClain, the La Palma woman popped this week for burglarizing gym lockers throughout Southern California–is headed to state prison.

Probably forever, as 19 years and quadruple life sentences are what happens when you're convicted of violently torturing and sadistically assaulting your wife and her lover.

“This is one of the worst things I have seen in a long time,” Orange County Superior Court Judge Gary Paer said at McClain's sentencing hearing today.

While the sentence offers the possibility of parole some day, the judge told the courtroom that is unlikely. McClain reportedly offered somber apologies.

McClain was in his 10th month of probation with the LA County Sheriff's Office when he was arrested in September 2008. A jury convicted him of the crimes in May, then that same month concluded he was sane when he committed them.

Robert McClain Guilty of Torture and Sex Assaults on Wife and Her Lover

His 31-year-old wife and mother to their four children had told McClain in their Irvine home she was leaving him for a 23-year-old man. McClain asked to meet him, then in the break room of the leasing office at the unidentified man's apartment complex got into a verbal argument with his wife and her lover.

McClain would go on to repeatedly
punch and kick both, force them at knifepoint to undress, order his wife to blow him and her lover and then demanded she castrate the fellow. When she pretended to do as McClain said–and McClain figured out his orders were not being followed–he took the knife and repeatedly sliced the man's face.

After brutal beatings that lasted nearly two hours, McClain left the man behind as he took his wife away. He forcibly sodomized her and chopped off her hair with the knife before ultimately driving
her back to Irvine.

The wife and her lover were left badly beaten, but at least she managed to escape her home with her children the next morning. The male victim suffered brain damage that required him to undergo four months
of intense rehabilitation to learn to walk and talk again.  

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