Robbers Snatch $20,000 Worth of Medical Marijuana

A medical marijuana deliveryman was robbed of $20,000 worth of his meds Tuesday afternoon, Fullerton police say.

The unidentified driver, who'd traveled all the way from Oakland, suffered a head cut during the crime but no serious injuries.

He rolled up to an industrial complex with a building bearing a painted-on green cross, which is apparently now the international symbol for “drop medical cannabis off here.” What the driver did not know was the artwork was not created by a clinic but three men who soon jumped him.

Half of the marijuana being delivered scattered across the ground, jacking up that Fullerton real estate's value to South Coast Plaza per-square-foot rates. The robbers still managed to dart off with nine pounds of ganja and the driver's cell phone, according to Sgt. Andy Goodrich, taking a rare and welcome break from all the police-beating questions.

At least, for the sake of all involved, this robbery did not end in further violence. In June, four men tried to rob a medical marijuana deliveryman in Brea. However, that driver had heat with him, in the form of a security guard who shot and killed Minh Kinh Dang of Santa Ana.

The guard was cleared of wrongdoing, and Earl Augustus Austin,
19, of Santa Ana, pleaded guilty to felony
attempted robbery, and a possible sentencing enhancement for the use of a
firearm in the commission of a
felony could be found true at his Aug. 19 sentencing. Hwa Sung Sim, 20, and James Yi, 18, both of Irvine, pleaded not guilty to the same charge and enhancement (and, for Yi , a second possible sentencing
for the use of a dangerous or deadly weapon).

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