Riip’s Flannels & Flip Flops, Our Beer of the Week!

Most brewery collaborations come together out of the love for a certain brewing process or a fondness for a certain ingredient, or even the admiration for one another. Chef collaborations are no different, but the results are bound to be more culinary-driven.

One chef who loves a collaboration as much as the average brewery does is Daniel Castillo of Heritage BBQ, who recently made version 2.0 of Flannels and Flip Flops, a massive Imperial Stout with riip beer company that tells the story of both the beer maker and pit master, and it’s delicious.

“When we dropped the beer originally it is was in the wintertime, with beach bonfires…where you wear flannels and flip flops,” notes Danny Castillo, talking about the Flip Flops and Flannels name.

On Castillo’s side of the brew, he hand-smoked two-hundred pounds of malt that went into the mash, that is so much more delicate than a German rauchbier. His smoking adds a subtle layer of smoke to the finish, sort of how the caramelization adds a flavorful touch to a pork rib.

During the boil is where the fun happened on this brewday, “I torched a bunch of marshmallows, added graham crackers, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs and Maldon sea salt as well,” says Castillo. For version 2.0, they doubled the boil time from two to four hours, which concentrates the flavors while adding tons of rich caramelization of sugars. “It was fun seeing all these marshmallows floating on top like a hot chocolate,” he continued.

The final result is stunning. It’s one part S’More, one part campfire hot chocolate, and one part imperial stout. I can’t think of a better beer to sip as we head into cooler fall nights. Get some before it’s gone!

riip beer company is at 17214 Pacific Coast Hwy, Huntington Beach riipbeer.com

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