Rick Warren Saddlebacks George W. Bush

As released WikiLeaks proved George W. Bush lied, told half-truths and lived in a world far from reality–at least as chronicled in his recently released memoir, Decision Points–the former president was receiving a reportedly “rousing reception” at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest Monday night.

Bush and his novel were the star attractions of Purpose-Driven Pastor Rick Warren's 7th Civil Forum.

Most in the capacity crowd drowned out with laughter women who yelled out to interrupt Bush three times, reports the Orange County Register, which notes each lady was promptly escorted out of the church sanctuary by the suede-denim church police.

Just as Jesus no doubt would have done. At least no one stoned them.

The main attractions discussed AIDS, freedom, faith-based programs, the value of religion and the supposedly bad intelligence that, legend has it, informed Bush there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

“The ultimate way to protect ourselves is to spread freedom and marginalize the haters,” the Reggie quotes Shrub saying in an obvious reference to Rush Limbaugh. “You shouldn't be surprised what people will risk for freedom. Freedom will prevail if the United States of America will stand on its principles.”

As Bush stands in Decision Points–and everywhere else–the Iraq war was justified because the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. But leaked U.S. government cables within the WikiLeaks collection show that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah privately observed the war gave Iraq to Iran as a “gift on a golden platter.”

It had always been American policy to use Saddam's Iraq to counterbalance Iran, since Iran poses a greater danger to the region, as evidenced by WikiLeaked documents that reveal North Korea sold Iran missiles capable of reaching Israel and even Egypt.

Iraq, of course, now has a Shiite-dominated government and many Iran-friendly senior officials, something Bush, Warren and the slap-happy Saddleback crowd heard nothing about last night while hailing the thief.

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