Rick Bayless Announces Plans for Xipe, His First-Ever Restaurant in Mexico

Rick Bayless is nothing if not a busy man–in addition to recently visiting Baja California and opening a mini-restaurant in Chicago's O'Hare Airport, he's also planning to open his first restaurant in Mexico–in the country's capital, no less.

Oh, dear . . .

“xcited 2 announce new rstrnt:XIPE,” the prolific Tweeter announced this morning on Twitter. “Opening nxt yr in DF. Time 2 bring tru flavors of Mx food to Mexico. See u soon Condechi!”

Huh? Actually, it's easy to decipher if you have a chilango dictionary handy.


“Xipe” refers to Xipe Totec, the Aztec god of agriculture, while “Condechi” is a nickname for Colonia Condesa, long a magnet for worldwide hipsters, although I don't think it's as hip as it used to be. It makes sense Bayless would open his first restaurant there, as they're the only Mexicans who'd ever bother with his food.

Bayless, of course, got into trouble last year when he consulted on a
Los Angeles restaurant and told local media he was bringing the “true
flavors” of Mexico to Southern California, a claim openly scoffed at by nearly everyone. We'll see what Mexico City will have to say . . .

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