Rich Ninja Nyquil OG

Strain: Rich Ninja Nyquil OG Indica
Price: $45 1/8 $80 1/4
Dispensary: 10 Spot Collective 3242 Halladay St. Santa Ana 92705 1-800-836-7768

With all the healthcare talk in the news, I can’t ignore the issue. I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in December of 2011. I know so well the journey that many are going through and the fear of not having health insurance is one thing any cancer patient should not have to be worried about. But this is the world we live in and as a cancer survivor I advocate daily for those still going through treatment. Medical Marijuana was a part of my treatment. I never told my Doctors but I thought, Why Not? It could only help and I would testify before Congress to how well it helped me through my 18 rounds of chemo and 28 rounds of radiation. If you are going through treatment or know someone who is thinking about it, I wouldn’t hesitate to go and get your required doctor’s recommendation and visit a dispensary, preferably one of the legit one’s in Santa Ana.

They’re clean and well organized and the budtenders are very helpful. Just tell them you’re going through chemo and they will show you they strongest indica, which I used; sometimes the effects of chemo are so bad that not even the strongest Indica can help but for the most part it does. Trust me.

Rich Ninja Nyquil OG is exactly the strength of indica that I would smoke during my chemo days, it’s exclusive at 10 Spot Collective where First Time Customers get $10 eighths on their first THREE visits. Its aroma is fresh and skunky, the buds are dense and sticky, so I would use a pipe or bong to get the most from this strain. It smokes smooth and doesn’t expand much so it won’t make you cough much. It took two bowls to get a good high, more tokes put me into a very relaxed zone. That’s when I had my chemo flashback and thought of all those that might need help in making that decision to use or not to use. Well, I’ve been cancer free now for 5 years and hope that your journey ends like mine. #FUCKCANCER!

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