Rich Ninja Lemon Meringue Sativa: Our Toke of the Week!

Photo by the Butcher


These hot summer days call for ice cold beverages and cool-sounding flower such as the exclusive Rich Ninja Lemon Meringue sativa at 10 Spot Collective in SanTana. Mmmm…Lemon Meringue…


10 Spot gets it’s name from the first time customer offer that they are famous for: $10 eighths on your first visit on all Top Shelf flower. BOOM. Their Rich Ninja sativa is exclusive to 10 Spot and I highly recommend trying it. More good news: According to a pending Santa Ana city council action, licensed dispensaries such as 10 Spot will be allowed to be open from 7am to 11pm. Your new favorite 7/11! Final approval vote is scheduled for July 5.


Lemon Meringue is a result of crossing Lemon Skunk with Cookies and Cream, a very potent marriage. It definitely has that strong lemon, citrus aroma, which is refreshing, especially with the current hot weather. I made my purchase and headed home to kick it in my backyard, which has plenty of trees and foliage to keep it cool. With these top shelf strains I like to carefully tear apart the buds, rather than grind them, I don’t want any of those potent little hairs sticking to the teeth of the grinder, the buds are very dense and skunky, my fingers smell of lemon and pie crust. The first toke is smooth and fills my lungs with the thick smoke, it taste quite earthy, probably from all the tiny hairs that cover the nugs.


I take my time and by the fourth toke I can feel the heaviness of my buzz. Wow. That was fast. I take a break to have some ice cream, no I don’t have the munchies! I just want to enjoy this slightly intense high. After my cold treat I pack another bowl and go at it, I know it’s a sativa but I don’t get that edginess that can come with a sativa high, I feel very relaxed and very high, and I don’t fall asleep. The *Rich Ninja* Lemon Meringue is a top shelf flower that will relieve your anxiety, make you happy and give you a great buzz, I’ll take that and a nice cold beer!


Available at 10 Spot Collective, 3242 S. Halladay Santa Ana. 1-800-836-7768. $45 1/8, $60 1/4.


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