Rich Ninja Apple Jacks Sativa At 10 Spot Collective: Our Toke of the Week!

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The legit dispensaries in SanTana do such a great job, they’re clean, well organized, budtenders are so helpful and one way they try to differentiate from each other is to carry “Exclusive” flower that can be only purchased at their dispensary. 10 Spot carries *Rich Ninja* as their exclusive bud, it’s their Top Shelf, their “good shit”. Another way they try to be different is in their FTP or First Time Patient deals. 10 Spot might have the best deal in town, it’s a $10 eighth on your FTP, $10 eighth on your STP and a $10 eighth on your TTP! Which let’s you save $105 on their *Rich Ninja* after three visits. That’s a lot of tacos al pastor!


I decided on the Apple Jacks strain, the buds aroma was sweet and very fresh, tight nuggets covered in reddish hairs looked so tantalizing. I couldn’t wait to smoke this exclusive *Rich Ninja* and see what all the fuss was about. I packed my bowl very carefully, the nugs were dense and sticky, I wanted some space between the pieces of flower that I had separated so they would burn evenly. The first hit was smooth and tasty, but all those red hairs gave an extra kick and I coughed just a little. This was some “good shit.”


A few more hits and a buzz came on, kind of a creeper, I really felt it in my forehead and it reminded me of CBD, I was feeling super relaxed and very high. Apple Jacks parents are the legendary Jack Herer and White Widow which both have strong characteristics that lead to happiness and relaxation. Being a Sativa I didn’t get the lift of energy that usually happens with this strain but I really did enjoy how strong the sense of relaxation was. I have not seen a CBD flower in some time, I would use Apple Jacks just as I would use a strain with CBD and the plus is the high, most CBD strains don’t get you too high but they relax you. With Apple Jacks you get a great high and relief from stress and anxiety. An Apple Jacks a day keeps the Dr. away!


Available at 10 Spot Collective, 3242 Halladay St., Santa Ana. 800-836-7768. Price: $45 1/8, $80 1/4.


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