Rhonda Rohrabacher Sues Costa Mesa Landlord Over Security Deposit

The spouse of Orange County’s senior, career politician is suing the couple’s former Costa Mesa landlord for at least $20,100.

Rhonda Rohrabacher, the mother of triplets and the wife of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, claims in a breach of contract lawsuit filed this month that landowner Robert Polyniak “has failed and refused to timely return security deposit or [make] any accounting for the same.”

The Rohrabachers–who’d previously rented property in Huntington Beach–signed a Feb. 28, 2010, lease with Polyniak to pay $3,350 a month for a home built in 1948 not far from the 55 Freeway and Triangle Square.

According to court records, the couple paid a $6,700 security deposit before moving into the property on April 1, 2010, and claim they are also due statutory damages of up to $13,400 plus related expenses.

Zillow.com estimates the home is valued at $743,000.

State records show that Polyniak is president of B.P. Construction, Inc.

There was no telephone answer this afternoon at Polyniak’s business.

A Superior Court judge has not yet been assigned to the lawsuit.

There is a bit of hypocrisy* here. The congressman is a longtime pal with George Argyros, the Orange County apartment complex baron and ultra-wealthy, Republican activist from Newport Beach. One of Argyros’ businesses, Arnel Management Company, has been repeatedly caught systematically cheating low-income and immigrant renters out of their security deposits in the congressman’s district.

Rohrabacher–who will enter his 28th year living as a congressman next year despite first running for office in 1988 as a “term limits champion”–remained mum during Argyros’ leasing scandals.

(*As is commonly known, I always treat Congressman Rohrabacher will fawning respect, but our harsh, unsympathetic–and better educated readers–corrected me by insisting the incongruous conduct better constitutes “hypocrisy” (not irony) given his Argyros affections.)

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