Retired CSU Long Beach Professor, OC Resident Agrees With El Paso Shooter

Old MacDonald had a class…OC Weekly Archives

The number people left dead in the wake of Saturday’s massacre at a Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas is up to 22 now, making it one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent history. Patrick Crusius, the 21-year old suspected of carrying out the carnage to kill as many Mexicans as possible, is believed to be the author of an anti-immigrant screed published on 8Chan shortly before the shooting. It promotes the Great Replacement conspiracy theory popular among white supremacists, among other things, and counts a local as a fan.

Kevin MacDonald, a retired (disgraced) Cal State Long Beach professor, Laguna Hills resident and a favored thinker among the “14 words” crowd, validated the xenophobia believed to be the “nexus” behind what’s being treated as an act of domestic terrorism.

On Saturday, MacDonald had this to tweet about hate screed attributed to Crusius.

Out of the flurry of responses about the “manifesto” supposedly being a hoax, the former psychology professor got called out for his comments by decent people. He tussled on Twitter with one person who pushed back on the Great Replacement saying in effect that to be multiculti was a-okay! But MacDonald doubled down.

“Agreeing with something he wrote is not the same as approving of what he did,” MacDonald tweeted. “And predicting more such in the future is not to welcome it. But yes, there is a Great Replacement and white people will suffer for it in the future.”

That MacDonald would back the belief should come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed his career. At its core, the Great Replacement holds that immigration “invasions” are threatening Western civilization in an intentional demographic displacement of gabachos. MacDonald’s intellectual infamy came in the form of an antisemitic trilogy of books and articles that claim Jews have an “evolutionary strategy” that allows them to subvert host societies, a basis for his bashing of them for the immigration policies he says they support.

Sounds a bit much like “Jews will not replace us,” doesn’t it?

A decade ago, MacDonald also involved himself in efforts to organize a do-nothing American Third Position Party born in Orange. He became the AP3’s director in an attempt to clean up skinhead politics with a level of respectability, much like his own academic forays into mainstreaming white supremacy. Laughably, American TP never grew to be able to carry out its fantasies of deporting a mass of non-whites and MacDonald retired from Cal State Long Beach in 2014 amid controversy.

These days, he remains a favorite of neo-Nazi makeover attempts, including the Hammerskin-heavy Rise Above Movement. When appearing on a podcast hosted by a Holocaust denier, the father of Thomas Gillen, a RAM member who was arrested and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to riot in Charlottesville, mentioned his son’s reverence for MacDonald’s work.

Following the El Paso massacre, MacDonald warned of coming days when whites will be in the minority as the hatred is already supposedly embedded in mass media. Thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center’s documentation, we know who MacDonald blames that for, too. The retired white power professor claimed on David Duke’s radio show years ago that Jews controlled the media and pushed a new “anti-white religion.”

MacDonald gushed over Duke on his own Occidental Observer website with a more recent post in 2016 hailing the ex-Klansman who even plagiarized his work as a “talented politician.”

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