You Vote What You Eat

Quick, what's your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Okay, now what's your favorite Girl Scout cookie besides Thin Mints? Is it Samoas (or Caramel De-Lites)?

You pinko.

According to a survey done by, what you like to eat may be correlated to your political feelings. According to their survey, people who identify themselves as “liberal” tend to prefer Samoas; conservatives prefer Trefoils.

Now, whether it's actually a scientific survey (it's not) is not
the point; it's still hugely entertaining and, in some cases, pretty
obvious: Liberals prefer vegetable toppings on their pizza,
conservatives meat. When asked what they would cook at home,
conservatives preferred comfort foods such as meatloaf and tuna-noodle
hotdish; liberals identified foods such as coconut lamb curry.

of this should come as a surprise; Gustavo reported in this very space
back in May that anti-immigration activist Barbara Coe told her followers never to eat in restaurants where the staff can't speak English, which pretty much limits you to American-food chains.

not, however, Obama-nauts; there is some common ground. Both groups
prefer natural corks in their wine bottles; slightly less than half of
each group prefers salted rims on a margarita glass;

Take some
time to study these things; you never know, you may be judged by the
lettuce you serve in your salad at that dinner party (choose nice green
romaine; arugula is too blue and iceberg is too red).

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