When Celebrity Dish Names Go Mental

Gwen Stefani may have left town –along with the rest of No Doubt–after a four-night run in Irvine, but I wonder if she had time to eat the dish named after her at the Anaheim White House while she was in OC.

Yes, indeed, Ravioli Gwen Stefani–lobster-filled ravioli with basil on a sauce of ginger and citrus–is high up on the list of appetizers (at lunch) and antipasti (dinner).

But, wait there's more! You can also tuck into Ahi Tuna Tartare Ferragamo, Gnocchi al Pomodoro Calvin Klein and Pacific Calamari Donna Karen (sic). But will that leave any room for Sand Dabs Dolce Gabbana or, my personal fave, Manzo Brasato Beckham? And how about Madonna SoufflN for dessert?

Apparently, all these celebs (and more) have chowed down here, hence the homages, but I just wouldn't be able to keep a straight face when ordering. I guess it all sounds exotic when you say it with an Italian accent.

But you'd really need a poker face to get through the Centennial Dinner Menu. Gerald Ford Rigatoni followed by Ulysses S. Grant Profiteroles, anyone?

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