What's Going On With The Henry's In Tustin Marketplace?

 in my neighborhood (Tustin Marketplace), which will give Tustinites an alternative over Whole Paycheck down the road on Jamboree. As of yesterday (or perhaps the last week), they placed a sticker on what will be the sliding glass door. I said progress…I didn't specify how much progress.

Besides that it allows me to do another one of my Perez Hilton impersonations with scribbles on my picture.


But curiously, this isn't the first ex-CompUSA space that's going to be a market. As most people will recall, there used to be a CompUSA in Fountain Valley which is now a Fresh N Easy. Makes me wonder what other ex-CompUSA's out there are turning into.

**Thanks to my friend and fellow foodie Brekkie Fan for the tip.

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