What Would Jackie Chan Eat? Tri-Village's Beef Noodle Soup, Natch

Do I care if a famous actor likes the salmon teriyaki I'm tucking into? No, I couldn't give a toss, but if it helps to increase sales, then fine, go ahead, advertise the fact that Blake Lively always orders it when she comes here.

So there I was, at the fantastic Tri-Village the other night, deciding what to eat, when my eye was drawn to item No. 100, Beef Noodle Soup. Nothing special about that, you might think.

But then I read the line underneath it: 'Jackie Chan's favorite Beef Noodle Soup.'

Whaaat? Could it be that the master of the modern chop socky movie, he
of a thousand broken bones, likes to come to a mall in Irvine for his
fix of soup?

Well, no. It turns out that Jackie used to order said dish when Chef
Lee–who used to cook at Tri-Village (and who I assumed still did)–
served it at a place in Hong Kong.

I called the restaurant today to check that Chef Lee is still there.
The person I spoke to was very friendly, but, what with her broken
English and my, er, broken Chinese, I didn't manage to ascertain much,
other than the fact that he has left.

So far, judging by our meal,
standards have remained high.

Maybe that line on the menu will eventually have to go, just as Chef
Lee has… But, please, in the meantime, please, no one tell Jackie.

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