What Astronauts Do With Taco Sauce In The Space Shuttle

I had to share this recent story with my fellow science geeks out there.  It's all about stuff you never knew to ask about food in NASA's space shuttle. 

According to the article, here are some fun tidbits:

– “Salt and pepper are available but only in a liquid form because astronauts can't sprinkle salt and pepper on their food in space – it would simply float away.”

– “In 2007, an astronaut was trying to make a pretend sushi meal with bag-packaged salmon and accidentally squirted a blob of spicy wasabi into the air. After a lengthy cleanup, the wasabi was exiled to a cargo bay.”

And the most hilarious of all:

– “…taco sauce had become carefully guarded currency.  Astronaut Sid Gutierrez once said space shuttle crews always take spicy accouterments like taco sauce to make food taste better. The taco sauce, he said, also could be used for barter. “If it was your turn to say, clean the latrine, you could trade for two packets of taco sauce,” he said.”



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