Wahoo’s Fish Taco Turns 21!

Wahoo’s, started in 1988 by a bunch of surfers in Costa Mesa, is about to celebrate its 21st anniversary. The problem is that the founders were so laid-back that nobody really remembers when the first store actually opened. They aren’t letting this stop them from having a good time, though, so they’re starting their 21st birthday celebration on Saturday, Nov. 21 with a party and giveaways.

In the nine months since their 20th birthday celebration (which Edwin told us all about back in February), they’ve expanded onto the UCI campus, added menu items (a tofu bowl, chicken-spinach rolls and a chopped salad), and held a contest to name the new additions.

As part of the 21st birthday celebration, every person who visits a Wahoo’s on that day will get something (items such as a gift card or a free meal), but the first 21 people into each of the restaurant will get a bag o’ stuff, including some action sports-related swag.

Doors open at 11 a.m. at all OC Wahoo’s locations, so put on your surf shirt, show off that nautical star tattoo, and get your grilled fish taco on (seriously, Wahoo’s, you’re 21 now, go buy some deep fryers and give us some fried fish taco love!). Make sure to ask for the Indonesian sambal (Mr. Lee’s Chili Sauce) that is the object of Edwin’s admiration.

Wahoo’s Fish Taco has 15 locations in OC; find your nearest one at their website.

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