USA Today: Airport Food Unsafe

As if there weren't already things to worry about when you fly, USA Today has done a report on airport food being hazardously unsafe. Their main concern are those grab-and-go sandwiches which they say are kept at an unsafe temperature. Other problem areas are basically the same kinds of violations (like rodents and food handling) that every restaurant out there faces.

But more curious is why USA Today has done another expose on food safety. If you recall, it wasn't a few weeks ago that they found that school cafeterias are not as safe as fast food. Are they trying to become America's watchdog on the subject?

In any case, I can't decide whether Tom Hanks character in The Terminal is lucky or screwed. As you may recall, for most of the movie, he's surrounded by supposedly safer-than-school-cafeteria fast food joints; but then, these places are in an airport. He's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't!

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