UPDATE: Kogi Schmogi! Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck Might Be Headed Our Way

Just spoke to one of the owners, Freya. When I asked her about plans to bring the truck to our neck of the woods, she told me “we're trying”. Seems they can't drive the cute little van on the freeway, so it would take an age to get here on the side streets. With that in mind, they're mulling Huntington Beach as their first OC destination.

Set up by two architects, Coolhaus (geddit?) sells ice cream sandwiches with architect-inspired names…among them are Frank Behry, a sugar cookie with strawberry ice cream, Mies Vanilla Rohe–a chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream, and Oatmeal Cinnamoneo (I'm guessing that one's for Rafael Moneo), an oatmeal cookie and cinnamon ice cream. They're homemade using local natural/organic ingredients where possible, and even the wrappers are edible.

I, for one, can't wait. Although, given the mania over the Korean kogi truck, that's exactly what I'll have to do even if/when they do come here, as long lines are inevitable.

Along with more than 3,500 followers, you can keep up to date with their movements–and pile on the pressure to pay OC a visit–on Twitter.

UPDATE, Wednesday July 22: Freya is open to suggestions for where they can park the truck. Post your ideas below, pretty please. And no “outside my front door, please”–I've already tried that!

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