UK Government to Increase Recommended Calorie Intake

If you've ever dieted, you probably know these numbers: 2,000 for women; 2,500 for men.

These are the immutable numbers of calories the government says you should eat per day to maintain a healthy weight.

Well, the British government apparently got it all wrong and will be adjusting their suggested daily calorie intake to allow for 2,400 calories a day for women and 2,900 calories a day for men, the equivalent (as the Daily Mail states) of about an extra cheeseburger a day. They say this is because they've got more accurate statistics about the activity level of the average Briton.

Because, you know, if there's one single problem these days with overall health in developed nations, it's that people simply don't eat enough food. An extra cheeseburger a day will make everyone in Britain lean and wiry, won't it?

Can you hear us over there, British people? DON'T DO IT.

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