Tru Blood Soda On Pre-Sale Now!

We're kind of embarrassed to admit this buuuuut four of us here in the office have pitched in four bucks each and have this Tru Blood soda pack pre-ordered from HBO's merch shop.

The site says the drink is “meticulously crafted, an exact replica of the bottle design seen on True Blood.” The liquid inside isn't the Japanese-engineered artificial blood for the growing vampire population (we're nerds, we know this already) featured on the hit cable television program: Nope, it's just blood orange-flavored soda. is boasting it as an “uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet” drink.

As for us, we don't really care what it tastes like, we just want it to look cool on our desks at work. Shameless. Unfortunately not for sale on HBO's storefront: Eric.

After the jump: Suggested Tru Blood cocktails.

Tru Blood soda 4- or 24-pack now available for pre-order exclusively at $16-$96.


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