Topz “Healthier Burger Grill” Shutters All Over

Topz “The Healthier Burger Grill” seems to be shutting down all over. The Hutton Center location was completely barren, the space already available for lease. And the Orange store's phone number has been disconnected. Reports of other Topz locations locations shuttering include West Hollywood and also a location in San Mateo.

I would want to see what other locations are still in business, but their main company website is down with a nothing but a logo, a contact e-mail address, and the ominously worded “Stay Tuned… New website underway!”

Yes, this appears to be a lamentable but all-out meltdown of a place that had aspired to offer lower fat burgers and baked fries (the funniest oxymoron this side of “jumbo shrimp”).

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