Top 5 Frozen Yogurt Flavors I'd Like To See

Since new yogurt stores seem to keep popping up like an unstoppable, virulent disease (See my earlier post here on the phenomenon), there's really one thing left to do: request more flavors. 

Not that there's a lack of creativity out there.  Some, like Yogurtland, seem to have a hard-working flavor alchemist on staff. I saw bananas fosters and tiramisu the other day. Both delicious.  

But here are 5 flavors I haven't seen but would like to see coming out of those spouts. Surely, one of the hundreds of yogurt shops can rise to the challenge and offer one, if not all, of these flavors. 

1. Lucuma

The indigenous Andean fruit (known to English speakers as “eggfruit”) is the most popular ice cream flavor in Peru, besting vanilla, strawberry and even chocolate. The flavor is like a caramel-covered yam, a bit gritty, a bit starchy, and looks as red as a brick. If there's a Peruvian yogurt shop owner out there, I bet he's already itching to offer it in yogurt form.

2. Durian

The king of fruits is also the stinkiest. You've heard stories of how hotels and buses in South East Asian countries prohibit you from eating or carrying one. It smells of fart and rotten onions, and eats like a creamy egg custard that's been permeated with methane. There's already durian ice cream in stores and durian gelato (and smoothies) all over Little Saigon. Durian frozen yogurt is the logical next step.

3. Soursop (guanabana)

This would be perfect as a yogurt flavor, because it's already tart. I've had soursop sorbets, which are as refreshing as the fruit itself — sort of like a shrill pineapple.

4. Rambutan

This hairy, red fruit resembles a tribble from Star Trek. It tastes like an acidic lychee. And I know I've seen lychee in some yogurt flavor spouts and in the fruit trays. It shouldn't be a stretch to do rambutan.

5 Jackfruit

This tropical fruit is already used as topping for Filipino halo halo, as well as other desserts. SInce the squeaky, firm texture is the main draw, I'll settle for this one just as a topping for the yogurt.

If anyone's already seen these flavors anywhere in yogurt form, let me know. Also, I'm curious, what yogurt flavors would you love to see?

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