This Week: Japanese Gourmet Foods Fair at Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa

Mitsuwa's “Umaimono” Japanese Gourmet Foods Fair will start this Thursday and run till Sunday. The highlight will be a special ramen shop serving well, special ramen.

I'll quote the website to tell you the rest:

“First of all, the return of “Chibakiya Ramen” with “Shina Soba”. The secret of soup “light yet rich” is a blend of chicken, pork bone, and seafood. The thin curly noodle topped with a soft-boiled egg, and other all ingredients are chef-d'oeuvre of his 20 years career. It is definitely authentic and excellent.”

Other vendors will feature grilled beef tongue and takoyaki.  I also have no doubt that those, too, will be “authentic and excellent.” 

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