The Coolest Food Truck I've Ever Seen. (Also, Kogi's in OC This Weekend)

There's been some recent news in the food truck craze hitting LA — the trend that everyone knows started with a little something called Kogi.

LAist recently updated its list of food trucks, which seems to grow exponentially by the minute. And the LA Times' food blog Daily Dish had a lengthy story on a still-in-development grilled cheese truck by a chef who used to work right here in Costa Mesa's Habana.

But you want to know about the insanely cool oddity you see above right?


Well, this Road-Warrior-Meets-Babe-The-Pig Death Van is only found in Seattle, where I just happened to be last Labor Day weekend.  I wasn't looking for it.  It kind of just found me.  And when something like this crosses your path, as it did that rainy afternoon, you stop and you take a picture. 
If I squealed (I didn't), it would've been appropriate.  Unfortunately, I was stuffed.  I had just had a massive lunch.  Otherwise, I would've sampled what the pig had to offer, which was of course, something pig-related: pulled pork sandwiches, to be exact.
The pig-on-wheels is officially called Maximus Minimus, but here's a challenge to all you Simpsons fans reading.  What would Homer say about it?
P.S. Oh yeah.  Kogi's in OC tomorrow, Saturday:
5:30PM-9PM@Active Ride Shop – 1160 E Imperial Hwy in Brea
10:30PM-Midnight@The Huddle – 741 Baker St in Costa Mesa

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