The Art of (Plushie!) Food

Introducing the Happy Smore, $12: The happiest little s'more you ever did see. We're freaking out here over this one, really.

Living the plush life–The designer plush phenomenon has been storming Etsy for a while now… and we're totally in love. While even art gallerists are taking notice, we're just scrambling to find ways to accommodate things like a crocheted marshmallow s'more in our lives.

Here are our top plush food art picks… diet-safe, promise. 



Tasty Falfel Pita, $8: Each “piece” inside the pita is totally removable–should you ever want to carry around a crocheted falafel ball. Now, the question: How to crochet a side of hummus? (KarenSwimmer disclaimer: The pattern is actually from craft book Tasty Crochet by Rose Langlitz!

Two Peas in a Pod, $22.50: When's the last time your food stared at you? Meet Herman and Ferdie: Fleece peas inside their very own zipperd pod.

One Little Cotton Candy, $15: Sugar-free cotton candy with a smile? Just imagine the (pink, adorable) hairballs…

Preserved Plush Pickles: Another one from Etsy seller ScrumptiousDelight. These angry (that's an angry pickle, right?) little dudes are featured in ScrumptiousDelight's er, delightful Flickr account and were sent off to Stuffed Magazine. Fuzzzzy.

Mini Marshmallows with Chocolate and Sprinkles: We can't stop squealing over  from Etsy seller ScrumptiousDelight's Flickr account. The phrase “mini marshmallows with chocolate and sprinkles” might just be the best phrase known to man. The green one's our fave!



Little Crochet Clementine, $9: Oh, hey there little orange dudes! Seller EternalSunshine even offers yarn eyes in place of beads if the oranges are for a small child. Produce that cares!

Sunny Side Up, $12: One one side, yolk smiles, on the other, yolk frowns. It's an egg for the world.

Whole Felt Chicken, $21.95: Finally some chickens okay for even the vegetarians. Okay, which of you didn't smile when seeing this? We demand you turn your souls in right now. This set includes: one Whole Chicken with detachable (!) legs and wings, three carrots, three green beans, two potatoes, two lettuce, one aluminum pan. Awwww.

Pancake and Egg Breakfast, $15.95: Because brekkie is the most important meal of the day.

Sushi Baby Booties, $22: Your little one neeeeds spicy tuna booties, right? We thought so, too.


Sushi Ebi Stuffed Plushie, $22: What about a giant stuffed plushie of shrimp sushi? Eh? Dig the defeated look on the shrimp's face!

Set of Six Sushi Ornaments, $29: And, if there's no need for baby booties in your life, fear not, there's also sushi Christmas tree ornaments. Love. It. A foodie holiday!

Gumball Machine: Alright, fine, one more from ScrumptiousDelight's Flickr of food. This piece was featured in an art exhibit, “Candy Coated Canvas” at London's London Miles Gallery.

 Single Donut, $4: Perfect gifts for either donut fans or Simpsons fans… you know… everyone.

Slice of Chocolate Cake, $7.50: Finally, a chocolate cake that works with your new diet.


Fruit Felt Salad, $10: Five banana slices, five blueberries, five strawberry slices, five sutsuma pieces, two strawberries, five swirls of whipped cream = The most perfect fruit salad ever. And a detailed shot:

Pepperoni Pizza Slice, $7.50: Complete with onions and olives. Plushlicious? 

French Toast, $20: Previously featured in a Trendzilla column, Etsy seller TriciaChin is a longtime favorite 'round these parts. “An adorable toast that happens to be French.” 

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