Thank You Little F****er: How Not to Treat Your Customers

As we all know, we should never lose our cool with wait staff, lest they wee in our soup. But that's not all we have to worry about now.

In a wonderful example of British hospitality, waiters at Cactus Joe's, a newly opened Mexican restaurant in Halifax, Yorkshire (gee, that sounds authentic), showed what they thought of a two-year-old diner, who had apparently dared to whine about slow service and poor food (a budding Stick a Fork In It blogger, if ever there were one!)

The parents of little Molly Cartin were horrified when they received the check. At the bottom of the itemized bill was the phrase “Thankyoulittell fucker.”

Come on, guys: If you're going to hurl an insult one of your paying customers, at least have the decency to get the spelling right!

Did they really think no one would notice, or be able to decipher their
code, which seems to run throughout the check? (What the hell is “also cold with ice crem?”) My guess is that a
“Mexican” restaurant with “quasadillas” and pizza on the menu isn't too
bothered about attention to detail.

Not surprisingly, the story has made headlines around the world: CLICK HERE to read one version, and to see a photo of the offending child. Cute as a button or “littell
fucker?” You decide.

They say there's no such thing as bad publicity, but I beg to differ in this case. The person responsible, allegedly a “senior restaurant worker,” has now got the boot.

And the really funny bit? The fact that the website raves about the restaurant's Kids Zone menu, claiming, “At Cactus Joe's children are just as welcome
as the grown-ups!”

Guess we won't be holding our Christmas party there, then…

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