Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove NOW OPEN!

This just in: A reader has informed me that Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove finally opened this weekend. This after months of back-and-forths, pushing-and-pulling with the city.

To those out there who are unfamiliar with Thai Nakorn or its history, READ MY REVIEW OF THE STANTON BRANCH (the first one I did for OC Weekly, two years ago).  To those who are fans (myself included) the dream scenario has finally happened:  Orange County now has two Thai Nakorns!

Here's the happy news and a quick review from Gilbert, who was there:

“Thought you might want to know that the risen-from-the-ashes Garden Grove location of Thai Nakorn is now open! We had lunch there this afternoon (Sunday). The waitress who knows my family from years of dining at the Buena Park/Garden Grove/Stanton locations said that they opened on Saturday. It seems like they have more seating for the main restaurant. They still have a private room but today that room was being used for a photo or video shoot of certain menu items (we saw their specialty “Pla Dad Deaw” on some computer monitors in the room).

The best thing I can say is everything we ordered tasted the same as at any previous location of Thai Nakorn (we ordered pla dad deaw, nuah dad deaw, rad na talay, and water spinach)! They only had about 20 people including us at 1pm but I expect that to grow as word gets out!”

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