TGI Friday's Goes Five-Dollar (and Five Cent!) Crazy

Subway has been flogging its five-dollar foot-longs for ages–I'm sorry, they should be paying us five dollars to eat that slop–but now TGI Friday's is joining the gang, meaning we we eat out for around the same price (or thereabouts, if we're frugal).

I'm not a big fan of the chain, I admit. Call me fussy, but it might have something to do with the fact that, on my last visit, the server let her long, twisted fingernails hang into my food as she brought the plate to me. Anyway, that was about 12 years ago. I'm prepared to give them another shot at some point, but, until I can bring myself to do so, I think it's best left to college kids with awful taste in heavy metal (check out the horrific website if you don't believe me).

But TGI devotees might well be interested in the fact that, from now until the end of May, all of Fridays' sandwiches and salads–including nine new items–cost just five bucks. That's more than half off some items. They're full sizes and you get fries or salad thrown in too. Quite a bargain.

Among the offerings debuting are a BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, a Meatball Sandwich and a Jack Daniel's Chicken Sandwich (are they really still trying to flog that JD-smothered rubbish? When will they learn that booze and food go well at the same time, but not together?)

Meanwhile, Cinco de Mayo–next Tuesday–is being celebrated with two five-cent deals: select appetizers at the bar (from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, with the purchase of a drink) and blackberry margaritas, the chain's new drink. Plus, if you're a TGI Friday's loyalty card holder–there are 900,000 of you out there, apparently (who knew?) – you get extra Stripes and free chips and salsa.

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