Ten Latin-American Christmas Food Traditions

Our sister publication, the Miami New Times, had a great article in their food blog today about various Latin-American Christmas foods. Miami might be the city in the US with the biggest diversity of Latinos, so it was instructive to see the list (did you have any idea what they did in Chile? Me either.)

Here in Orange County, which is strongly Mexican and Central American, we do love our tamales, but Christmas isn't Christmas without posole. It's still time for las posadas, which means fruity, hot ponche navideño–and all the buñuelos I've eaten at las posadas have been flat, crispy rounds of fried dough covered in sticky syrup, not round balls. Still, deep-fried dough covered in sugar is deep-fried dough covered in sugar; I'm not picky.

As you have probably figured out, though I am pretty decently hispanohablante, I'm also about as Latino as Orly Taitz, so tell me, what did I (or the Miami New Times) forget?

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