Teas To (Allegedly) Cure Just About Everything That Ails You

Simple things make me chuckle. Like this display that I came across while hunting for Wacky Snacks at the Bodega R Ranch Market in Tustin, for example. It's just a rack of herbal teas. But look at it! It's teas especially formulated to cure a litany of ailments!

Going through menopause? Constipated? There's a tea for that!

Diarrhea? Can't sleep? There's a tea for that!

Herbal remedies are, of course, nothing new and isn't unique to any culture; but the fact that these packages are color coded and come in easy-to-read pouches with the condition it's purported to cure is really, well, convenient. I might even go as far as to say it's genius.


It's almost as easy as looking for your name on those personalized keychain racks at amusement parks. Actually, it's probably even easier, because I can tell you now that I've never been able to find my name on those things. It's always “Edward”, “Eddie” or “Ed”. Never “Edwin”.

But if I was ever suffering from P.M.S., now I know just where to buy just the right tea.

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