SusieCakes' Apple Festival Starts Tomorrow, With Freebie for the Teachers' Pets

Throughout September, as well as featuring goodies such as apple pie with a crumble topping and caramel apple cheesecake, the cupcakery (with a branch in Newport Beach) is offering a complimentary applesauce cupcake with cream cheese frosting for any students in pre-school through 6th grade who bring in an A-graded assignment. They can also enter a competition to win cupcakes for the whole class, which is bound to make them really popular, even with the snobs and bullies.

Now if that's not an incentive for the wee ones to ace that history test (or cheat if they don't), we don't know what is.


Not that we should be encouraging food as a reward, but something's gotta get them in the mood for some hard study, right? After all, what harm can one cupcake do?

And, on a similar note, remember that “See You in the Car” Baskin-Robbins ad from a couple of years back? Hilarious.

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