Sur La Table Soon To Open at SCP's Crystal Court

This past weekend, after I stocked up on clothes at Old Navy's
half off sale on all men's items (that's it for garment shopping for me
for the next year or two — I loathe the activity), I meandered over to
South Coast Plaza's Crystal Court and found where the new Sur La Table will be located…which is right in front of the carousel (not pictured).

Apparently, up until recently, no one knew where this latest Sur La Table
(the third in O.C.) was going to pop up. The folks at corporate were
mum.  Now I know. Added to that, if you Google “Sur La Table
Costa Mesa” you get a whole bunch of job listings.  Finally, some
news that someone in O.C. is hiring!

For people like me — consumers who like to browse kitchen stores to play with
the newest gadgets rather than actually buying them — I've been told
they will feature cooking demos. And where there are cooking demos,
there will be free samples.

For those who are recession-proof, the store itself will also a be a nice alternative for when Williams Sonoma is not upscale enough.

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