Skinhead Lunch Choice Trivia Time!

From one of ustedes:

So, I went to grab a bite for lunch at [restaurant], and there were two guys in front of me with SS shirts on. Worst part about it? NO ONE seemed to care.

Gustavo's thoughts: In a way, I wasn't surprised that skinheads would
openly display their stupidity at this place. Not that the ownership is
racist, or even necessarily the clientele, but if you visit a couple of
times, I'm sure you'll feel the same way.

The first person to
correctly guess where did the gentle reader encounter the SS goons gets
a free jar of my gal's kiwi jelly. One guess per comment, por favor.
And only two clues from me at this point: it's a regional chain (an
extra jar of kiwis if you guess the exact location), and it's NOT at
the obvious choice that is Old World.

Awright: commence guessing. And smash skins at all times!

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