Singapore Burger King Ad. Tasteless? Maybe. Successful? Absolutely.

Just a short Friday post here. 

What you see above is a Burger King advertisement currently running in Singapore that's been getting all sorts of tongues wagging (double entendre intended) over the last month. The blogosphere has been aghast about how “tasteless” it is. Ever the moral compass, even FOX News stateside got into it. 

What I find funny, of course, is that it proves again the conventional wisdom of: the more controversial your ad, the more successful it will be. And they've got the world talking, haven't they?

A better question is this: Why would ANYONE living in Singapore even bother eating fast food when you live in SINGAPORE?

I've been there, and it is a veritable foodie haven. Hawker centers at every turn. The mall food court serves five-star cuisine for spare change. There are bakeries, snacks, freshly-made quick bites to be had at every subway stop. No one should ever have to settle for a fast food hamburger there. But perhaps that's why BK needs this for a boost, and they've certainly succeeded.

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