Seen a Frozen Yogurt Shop Lately? **UPDATED**

(May 1, 2009) MOVED UP (POSSIBLY FOR THE LAST TIME…unless there are still more out there).  This week, I got a few more submissions via comments and direct e-mail (THANK YOU ALL!).  We've built up an impressive list of sightings of yogurt shops in O.C.  This has been a fun project.  See the list as it stands below.

(April 24, 2009) MOVED UP FOR AN UPDATE:  Even more submissions!!  Thanks and keep 'em coming!  Our project grows ever more impressive and fascinating (at least for me).  Notice the mutations of Swirl(s)(z)! 

It's official: We've hit a critical mass on frozen yogurt shops. On a recent drive around Irvine and Tustin to run errands I encountered what seemed like a yogurt store at every mini mall. They're multiplying like the microbes living in the product they're hawking.

In Irvine, not counting the knockoffs or bandwaggoners, there are already three Yogurtlands. Soon there will be four: one's opening in the Irvine Marketplace food court.

Also, the not-yet-cold carcass of recently shuttered Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Irvine is being taken over by Yogurt Passion.

Over in Tustin, there's a newly-opened but blandly-named Yogurt Cafe* and a not-yet-opened but uniquely-named Go-Bananaz!!.

If people weren't driving, I'd say you could make a drinking game out of it: Everytime you see a Yogurtland or Pinkberry clone, take a shot.

So in the interest of fun, I propose another game: Jot down as many sightings into the comment section as possible. No need to review what the yogurt at each store is like. For all intents and purposes, we will assume the offerings are identical (and most likely are). Have at it yogurt hunters!

* Reader Thomas has informed me that the it's iYogurt Cafe that I saw in Tustin, not just Yogurt Cafe.  Way to combine two of-the-moment items into your name iYogurt!

UPDATE: A few of you have come through by adding a comment and e-mailing me. Here's the list, so far, on sightings of frozen yogurt brands you've seen.  KEEP IT COMIN'!  I'll update the list every Friday until we've reached a true CRITICAL MASS!!


Berry Cool

Ce Fiore
Cherry on Top
Flavory Yogurt


Frugos Yogurt
Go Bananaz!!
House of Yogurt

iYogurt Cafe

Joggurt Stop


Milk and Honey



Passion Berry
Red Mango

Soft Crush

Surf City Frozen Yogurt



Tutti Frutti

Velvet Yogurt
Villa Dolce


Yogen Früz

Yogurt Bar

Yogurt Cravings

Yogurt Delights
Yogurt d'Italia
Yogurt Factory
Yogurt Farm

Yogurt Flavors

Yogurt Fun


Yogurt Mania!

Yogurt Passion

Yogurt Town

Yogurt Twist
Yummy Yo

Yummy Yogurt

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