Savannah at the Beach to Turn Back into Chimayo

If you recall, Savannah was David Wilhelm's last ditch effort to save his floundering Culinary Adventures.  It's what he turned Chat Noir in Costa Mesa into, thinking that good ol' American food was the way to bring customers back.  

And as you may know, last April, Savannah shuttered.  
Meanwhile, there was his Chimayo in Huntington Beach, which became Savannah at the Beach.  I think you know where I'm going with this: In about a month this Savannah will be history too…but wait!  It's not what you think.  Instead of vanishing into the ether like its Costa Mesa sibling, this Savannah will become Chimayo once again.

Confused as to why this is happening?  Well, there's still Savannah Chop House in Laguna Niguel.  Any guesses as to what will happen to that one is as good as mine.

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