Recipe of the Week: Stonehill Tavern's Ocean Trout

Usually a euphemism for a sad old salad or lackluster soup, the term “Recipe for one” is enough to strike terror into anyone.

Just because only one person will be enjoying the finished dish, doesn't mean it shouldn't be interesting or nourishing. After all, it's you!

So here's acclaimed chef Michael Mina to the rescue, with this gorgeous recipe from the Stonehill Tavern, his classy restaurant in the St. Regis, Dana Point. As you can see from the photo, this is also a visually appealing dish, despite the understated name. I say crack open the champers and enjoy!!!

Ocean Trout (Serves 1)


6oz portion ocean trout or salmon (skin on), cleaned
1 cup cauliflower, sliced
2 cups water
1 tsp butter, melted
1 tsp heavy cream, warmed
1 tbsp golden raisins, bloomed (rehydrated) in water
5 Muscat grapes, peeled
1 tsp celery, diced in ΒΌ inches
1 tsp capers, rinsed
1 tbsp lemon olive oil
1 tsp Minus 8 vinegar (or aged balsamic vinegar)
1 tbsp micro mint (order online through Chef's Garden or use small leaves from regular mint)
1 pinch French sea salt
1 tbsp clarified butter

Add the golden raisins and one cup of water to a small pot, heat to a
simmer and remove from the heat. Let sit for five minutes, then drain.
Add the sliced cauliflower and one cup of water in a small pot with a
pinch of salt. Cook on medium-high heat until the water is almost
evaporated. Add the warmed cream and melted butter, put into a blender,
and purNe until smooth. Keep warm. Mix in a bowl the golden raisins,
grapes, celery and capers with the lemon olive oil. Bring a small sautN
pan up to medium-high heat on the stovetop. Add the clarified butter
and the fish (skin side down). Reduce to medium heat and cook until the
skin is crispy.

Flip the fish over and lightly sautN until medium-rare (about two
minutes). Note: If the fish is a very thick portion, put it in a
400-degree oven to finish. Lay the grape and caper mixture on a round
plate forming a circle. Add some micro mint leaves around the relish.
Put a tablespoon of the warm cauliflower purNe in the center of the
plate. Place the fish on top and sprinkle some French sea salt on top
of the fish. Drizzle some lemon olive oil and then some Minus 8 vinegar
around the fish. Serve.

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