Puerto Madero's Extraordinary Alfajor

My only criticism of Puerto Madero Market, a newish Argentine deli in SanTana, when I reviewed it a couple weeks back was the relative lack of alfajores, the Argie shortbread cookie usually featuring a quince or dulce de leche filling. They do sell them, but don't feature the variety a previous market in the same spot once.

But I'm happy to report I can drop that sole, superficial criticism. I took some pals this weekend to Puerto Madero, filled them with the deli's crispy choripan sandwich and gooey empanadas, sent one home with an order of morcilla (blood sausage) and another with the store's baked-there alfajor. I took one of the latter as well, and y'all better load up before I buy them all. This alfajor is the circumference of a fist, dusted with coconut shavings, moist (one of the problems I find with shortbread is how quickly it becomes dry and brittle), and luscious smears of dulce de leche. It crumbled perfectly, satisfied the sweet tooth, and wrapped in plastic near the deli counter. You'll recognize it by the butcher-style Puerto Madero sticker and its giant beauty.

Puerto Madero Market, 1225 W. 17th St., Santa Ana, (714) 547-5900; www.puertomaderomarket.com.

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