Progress Seen (and Heard) at The Camp's Planned New Eateries

There's progress on two of the three new restaurants planned for The Camp in Costa Mesa. Valhalla Table is hopeful that they're on track to do a soft opening sometime by the end of the month, owner Liz Karnaga told me.

I saw the work being done last week, and it's certainly more than I observed on a previous post I wrote. A big trench has been dug in front of their store. Though I don't know how the trench and everything else will be ready in a just a few weeks, I remain optimistic that they are optimistic.

Meanwhile, the owner of Rasta Taco also reports that progress is finally being made on his restaurant. In a comment made on the earlier post on the subject, he writes “Construction has been underway now for a week.” Exactly a week actually. According to their blog, they officially broke ground on October 6, 2009. It “should be open before Thanksgiving,” he says.

Which brings us to Ecco, which is still eerily silent.

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