Planned Opening Date of Lazy Dog Cafe in Irvine Revealed

My friend and fellow OC food blogger Brekkie_Fan has the opening date for the Irvine branch of Lazy Dog Cafe.

She is a self-professed Lazy Dog Cafe groupie (she still likes breakfast though), and after much hounding of the restaurant's management staff, she got them to reveal their debut date: April 1st, 2010.


This is a realistic, because what I've seen so far of the progress (since I announced its development in a post in July),
can be summed up in three words: none, nada, nothing.

The once proud building that was first built to house Martin Yan's SensAsian, then French 75 Brasserie, then Wilhelm's Chophouse, is still barren and a constant reminder as I pass by that the restaurant biz is a tough one to be in.

Let's hope that the April 1st date is no joke.

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