On the Line: Aron Habiger of The Crosby

Aron Habiger is the wunderkind chef behind the scenes at the so-hip-it-hurts hangout The Crosby in Santa Ana.

Here are his answers to our survey.

1. Dish that you cook that most represents you.

Jerk torta.

2. What was the last meal you had at home?

Peanut butter and jelly on white bread.

3. Your favorite restaurant (other than yours):

Momofuko in NYC.


4. Fast food guilty pleasure:

Del Taco's spicy jack chicken quesadilla.

5. Complete this sentence I would like to [verb] [Food Network Star] with [noun].
(for example: “I would like to BEAT BOBBY FLAY with A STALE BAGUETTE.”
or “I would like to SHOWER GIADA DE LAURENTIIS with FLOWERS”):

…spoon with Giada de Laurentiis. Hahahah!

6. Last meal of your life, what would it be?

Peanut butter and strawberry jelly on white with a cup of cold whole milk.

7. Items you always have in your refrigerator:


8. Your most indispensable kitchen tool or appliance:

My sous chef, Josh Han.

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