New Inspections Signs for O.C. Restaurants

Beginning October 1st (this Thursday), all O.C. restaurants will be required to have new placards.  What you see above are what the signs will look like in a nutshell. It's not yet the letter grade system that L.A. has, but it's now easier to see whether a place has passed inspection or not.

You will see one of these three signs.


PASS means “An acceptable level of compliance was achieved. No reinspection is required.”

means “This food facility was inspected and violations that may cause
foodborne illness were corrected. A reinspection has been scheduled to
ensure continued compliance.”

CLOSED means “Violation(s) observed posed an imminent danger to public health or safety, which could not be immediately corrected.”

KPCC said that the officials were angling for a color coded sign, but that was “shot down” after complaints from restaurant owners.

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