New Gelato Shop To Open At Diamond Jamboree

What's this? A new frozen dessert shop at Diamond Jamboree? And it's not another Pinkberry or Yogurtland clone? Finally, we discover that there is an entrepreneur out there who realized that the market is oversaturated with froyo and undersupplied with gelato.

And if there's any frozen desserts were are more in need of, it's gelato. For reasons unknown to me, the milk-based Italian ice cream seems to be an endangered species around these parts. It's as rare as a platypus. When this one opens that makes, let see, four gelato joints in Irvine? Now compare that number to how many frozen yogurt stores in the city.

Interestingly enough, this gelato store will be attached, and actually function as part of Thai Ritz, a new Thai restaurant that will also open there soon.  You realize what this means? We might get a Thai restaurant that serves gelato for dessert instead of coconut ice cream — an even rarer thing to behold.

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