Nana San Open. Already winning raves.

Nana San, the restaurant that the original Ango Tei folks were developing in Newport Beach, has now been open for a little more than two weeks. And from the looks of the comments on the post that I published a month ago about it, it's a crowd-pleaser, at least from the old Ango Tei crowd. 

One of the commentors is cdmedici — himself an Ango Tei fan and the Chowhound who first broke the story about Nana San

Here are some of the early reviews of the place from you, our readers: 

heart sushi says: 
I was just there tonight after I read this post. Food was excellent. Price was not expensive and fish was much fresher than the “Ang0 Te1”. 

Panther says: 
Its “Open” and its great! very much like the old Ango but with flare, Great to see Goro and Judy again and if you've been to Ango you'll recognize the chefs. 

Craig Medici says: 
Last night was my second time. Totally solid.
Itamae Hiro-San is also back working with Goro and Judy. I feel like a wonderful part of my past has come back to me. Even Goro-San's mom was in along with a bunch of Ango regulars.

Nana San, 3601 Jamboree Rd., Newport Beach

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