Missed National Ice Cream Day (Yesterday)? Don't Worry, There Are Still 12 More Days of National Ice Cream Month

Yes, it's weird that the powers that be-in this case, Ronald Reagan-saw fit to declare a NICD during NICM (isn't every day of July NICD?) But I'm not complaining. Not when there are one-of-a-kind places like Quinn's, in Los Alamitos, to satisfy my urges. Open since March, the cute parlor sells Fosselman's ices, cupcakes from the Frosted Cupcakery in Long Beach and a huge range of old-fashioned and European candy (Flakes! Crunchies! Curly Wurlies!).

But if you're on a diet, forget it. Don't think you can get away with one scoop as your splurge for the day. Why not? Because one scoop turns out to be nearly a pint. Maybe they were just being super-generous on a really hot day, but it was almost too much. Especially if you want to let the frozen-solid stuff sit for a few minutes to melt a little: the tiny cups can't handle it.
Flavors–not the most inspiring in the world–include cookies 'n' cream, vanilla, chocolate, butter pecan, pistachio and a few low-fat options (which, in hindsight, might've been a wiser choice). And for a real time-travel treat, there are shakes, sundaes, floats and banana splits.

It's in a strip mall, of course, as the best establishments tend to be. Right by a Jenny Craig office, as irony would have it.

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