Marché Moderne's Upcoming Soirées Alsaciennes To Feature Chimay Gelato!

How good does that sound? It's part of the finishing touch to the French restaurant's new “Alsatian Evenings” menu, which first ran two years ago.  

Here's hoping the weather will be chilly enough to appreciate the region's rich and hearty fare (Ham hocks! Sausage! Pigs' feet! Cabbage cooked in a pressure cooker: Explosive!)

Then again, you're eating in a mood-lit, sexy restaurant anyway, so who cares?

Amelia Marneau's desserts are already legendary, and her apple tart should be no exception. And it's served with beer-flavored ice cream. It gets no better!

The prix fixe runs at dinner time from October 1 through November 30.
There are only two courses–and portions are tasting size–but at $29
it's a pretty good value for what you get:

Choucroute Moderne N “The Pig–Head to Toe”:

Braised cheeks, confit of short ribs N belly, jambonneau tranchN

Ham hocks au court bouillon, saucisse de Strasbourg fraîche, saucisse fumN, pigs' feet

Pressure-cooked sauerkraut, German butterball potatoes, Dijon mustard


Apple tarte à l'alsacienne, vanilla-scented crème fraîche custard, Chimay beer gelato

Alsatian, German and Belgian beers (including Chimay, natch) and wines are also on offer, and you can sample them in flights.


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