La Argentina Rodante: Piaggio on Wheels

I headed up to the Bruery this Saturday to taste the Oude Tart wine barrel-aged Flemish red (very, very good, incidentally, now hurry up and bottle it so I can enjoy it at home) and parked outside was the Piaggio on Wheels Argentine food truck. After considering the typical alcohol content of a Bruery-made beer and my distaste for being a guest of the city of Placentia, I decided to line my stomach with a little snack.

One note for the folks at Piaggio: while Facebook and Twitter are
great media in their own right, you really need a website. It's hard to
convince people to try your food when they don't know what to expect
until they've chased you down. At least put up a Twitter feed and your

Skirt steak tacos were quite good (with a chipotle-laced salsa that was
not too thin or too overwhelmingly smoky). The chimichurri, which was
the only nod to Argentina in the dish, gave what would otherwise have
been a standard Mexican taco a nice herbal, garlicky zing.

I also ordered a caprese empanada, which was mozzarella, tomatoes and
basil stuffed into an empanada and deep-fried. I honestly prefer my
empanadas baked (as they are at El Gaucho #2 in Anaheim), but for fried
empanadas, this was pretty good, especially with more chimichurri sauce
spread on it.

I was too full to try the truly Argentine dishes (choripan, for
example, or the chicken milanesa sandwich), the bacon hot dogs or the
desserts (mmmm, alfajores), but it is nice to see something besides
Mexican and Mexican-with-Seoul roaming the streets of OC. I was also intrigued by the bolinhos de peixe, Brazilian fish fritters, but they were not on the night's menu.

Now if only we could get that Buttermilk Truck down here… or my Holy Grail, an Italian truck that sells arancini, like the cart in Midtown Manhattan.

Piaggio on Wheels doesn't have a website, but you can follow them on Facebook or on Twitter.

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