Kula Sushi Opens at Diamond Jamboree; Also, Plush Karaoke

Kula Sushi opened its doors on Monday. Unfortunately, they were only allowing “VIPs” when I took the picture you see above, or else I would've gone in, surveyed the surroundings, and eaten a few items.


What I did manage to do was peek through the windows and saw that the place has what looks like two separate sections, with the itamae (sushi chef) in two center islands surrounded by looping conveyor belts. If anyone reading was in that VIP crowd, or perhaps have tried it since, please chime in and tell us your thoughts. Kula was previously in L.A., Century City to be exact, as Kula Bistro.

And in other Diamond Jamboree news, Plush Karaoke also opened. Actually, it's been in business for a month now. And from early online reviews, it's a hit with all kinds of karaoke crooners.

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